What is our goal? To stop the yo-yo dieting madness.

How does it work? It has never been so simple: with vitelements, the vital-substances bar. Low in calories, satisfying and nutritious!

Dr Marc Weitl, the Managing Director of vitelements, had aimed high with this ambitious goal. And why not? The doctor of sports medicine ultimately had the same goal in mind when he founded cardioscan 15 years ago. cardioscan is a medical check-up programme designated for use in gyms and fitness studios, and which now motivates millions of people worldwide to keep fit.

“vitelements is the logical extension of and complement to the cardioscan health concept within the nutritional sector. Our clients have always asked us which diet we recommend while they optimise their lifestyles through more exercise. As there was nothing on the market at that point, we developed a low-calorie product made from natural ingredients which optimally supports the metabolism, contains all the nutrients and yet still manages to satisfy those hunger cravings.” Thus, vitelements was born.

In business partner Holger Weiss, Weitl found the support for his mission to help people achieve a better lifestyle. An enthusiastic athlete himself since early childhood, he soon discovered his second passion: developing and marketing products for the sports and fitness market.  It was during his business studies that his and Marc’s paths crossed for the first time – followed by many exciting years working in major sporting goods and fitness companies. And then came vitelements.

A bar conquers the world.

What connects the two sport junkies? The answer is quite clear: their love for vitelements!

Holger notes: “I eat two or three bars of vital substance bar and Choc Bars every day at the office between breakfast and dinner.” Marc, however, does something different: “I love the vitelements bars because they make nutritional dieting so easy – and yet they still work! That’s why I’m also my best customer!”