Charlotte’s journey with vitelements

Charlotte Karlinder—a medical journalist and health expert—was tired of always feeling hungry with conventional diets. In vitelements she has found a low-calorie snack that she can ideally integrate into her stressful everyday working life.

I first heard about the new miracle bars called vitelements shortly before Christmas from Lina, my trusted hairdresser. “Charlotte, we’ve discovered an amazing product for losing weight! Some of our customers even shed six kilos in one month with these bars,” she pretended to whisper to me conspiratorially while she turned my surfer hairdo into a long bob. “What kind of bars are these?” I asked. I was suspecting that these were the protein bars from another manufacturer. I had seen heaps of them being offered in gyms and—in my opinion—they just did not work. Realistically, in my 30 years of experience on this topic, there is only one thing to do when we want to lose weight: stay active and eat healthily. Sorry to say it, but that’s just so.
Lina stubbornly insisted that these little brown vitelements bars allegedly made you feel quite full and brought about incredible results. When she was done, she slipped a brochure into my hands (in paper form, no less! apparently that still exists!). Oh well, I thought. The things deserve a chance…because if it were true, that would be great of course. There are two problems with all those shakes that the market spits out. Namely: first of all, drinks are nowhere near as satisfying as chewed food. The lack of chewing and the shorter digestion process causes them to go down smoothly and faster, and have less volume. This has been proven by studies. Secondly, the brain needs the process of chewing to establish a sense of satiety. And I cannot say I appreciate the idea of a week on a liquid-only diet – that puts me in a quite a foul mood! It just simply doesn’t work.
As a medical journalist, I see it as my task not to believe manufacturer promises too easily without first putting them to the test. My research immediately resulted in a first plus: the manufacturer was cardioscan. A reputable company that specialises in coaching people to lead healthier lives. So, let’s bring it on! A box ordered and picked up. The first bite into a vitelements bar was all right. To put it more precisely: a mixture of salty and sweet. But that’s exactly what it is: according to the manufacturer, the mix of all the ingredients ensures an optimal supply of nutrients which helps to avoid the food cravings.

I felt quite full after two bars – and I only had 250 calories.

I tried the vitelements bars, in all their variations. In getting started, the first step was to eat these bars for one whole week. This is a commitment for the very disciplined, as there will always be the occasional dinner invite where it won’t be particularly easy to secretly nibble away at these bars underneath the table. Nevertheless, I lost four pounds that week – just as much as I had gained over the autumn! Yay! That’s actually pretty good going both as a first step and as a metabolic treatment. That will be helpful if, for instance, you get a bit carried away again in a few months’ time. For my part, I use the vitelements bars, in particular, to partially replace meals or as a snack in between mealtimes if there is nothing handy nearby other than a bakery or a chocolate bar. So whenever I am hungry and there is nothing but ‘crap’ to hand, I eat two vitelements and then am happy and satisfied. To be totally honest: I will not leave the house without my bars. Amen.

The Metabolic Treatment