Franziska’s seven-day metabolic treatment

Franziska wanted to get rid of the last few extra pounds shortly before she was to go on holiday. She did the vitelements weekly treatment course and lost 1.5 kg of fat.

I did my first weekly treatment course with vitelements in July. I say ‘treatment’ because it did me and my body a heap of good, just like a treatment would. Probably like a lot of people right before their holidays, I also wanted to get rid of those last few extra pounds.
In recent years, we are constantly being bombarded by diets and supplements due to the increase in social media channels. However, I really wanted to do something where I didn’t have to eat a single-food diet such as cabbage soup or a pineapple diet from BRIGITTE. I know something about nutrition, so an occasional ‘kick’ in the form of some diversification or variety would not hurt. I was then told about the possibilities of vitelements at my gym. The vitelements weekly treatment course made complete sense to me and sounded very interesting.
I was especially intrigued because of the supposed quick and healthy results. I also thought it was exciting to have a bar made of vital ingredients – one which is not just low carb/low fat or similar, but rather which consists of all the important nutrients. I calculated how many bars I would have to eat a day to meet my nutritional needs: nine bars, roughly about 1000 kcal. However, I decided to eat seven bars and replace two bars with a protein shake. I then motivated my best friend to do the vitelements weekly treatment course together with me, since two people can motivate and spur each other on. At the beginning of the treatment, we had measurements carried out through an analysis (measurement of body fat, muscle mass, water, mineral and protein balance). I was highly motivated because, according to the test, there was definitely potential for improvement. I then started the bar treatment week.

Because I was eating every 1.5 to 2 hours, I hardly felt hungry at all. It was an especially good feeling to grab a healthy snack instead of fast food between the numerous appointments I always seemed to have. Moreover, for one whole week I didn’t have to deal with thinking about what to cook or what to eat.
I was also able to optimally continue on with my training without any loss of energy. I therefore have no complaints to make, nor anything of that nature. On the contrary – I had felt totally fit. After a few days, of course, you do want to have something else to eat. However, compared to other diets, I had no desire for sweets or pizza – I actually wished for salad. Crazy!
After a week, I had the measurements done again. The results: I lost 1.5 kg fat, 0 kg muscle mass and 0 kg water, and had an increased protein and mineral balance. AMAZING! I would not have expected this. I was particularly impressed by the loss of pure fat but not the muscle mass. I would always do it again as a weekly treatment course to obtain quick results. I find vitelements especially ideal as a meal replacement or as a bar day, if you are on the go a lot and know that you will hardly have any time to eat!
All in all, I have to say that I can recommend the vitelements weekly treatment course to anyone who wishes to lose weight quickly, sustainably and in a healthy way.

The Metabolic Treatment