Rebecca’s 7-day metabolic reset

Rebecca tested vitelements shortly before her wedding. To fit into her dream dress, she wanted to lose the last pounds quickly and tried a metabolic reset with the vital substance bar. For two weeks, she replaced her meals with the vitelement bar.

How did you come across vitelements?
The metabolic reset with the vital substance bar was recommended to me by a fitness studio. They had just included it in the program and were very enthusiastic about the ingredients.

What made you decide to try out vitelements?
After I lost 25 kg last year, and since I started doing sport 3-4 times a week, despite a change of diet I unfortunately still didn’t lose any more weight. The positive experience reports of the metabolic reset with the vital substance bar persuaded me to try it. I still had three weeks before my wedding and wanted to lose another couple of kilos. I found it particularly great to not have to worry about shopping or preparation. The bars are eaten quickly and they can be carried easily.

How did you feel during your vitelements weeks?
For the first days, the sacrifice of a “proper” diet seemed very hard. I got headaches and felt very tired. Sometimes I was giddy in the morning when I got up. That was probably from the removal of sugars. After three to four days, I was feeling a lot better. Eating the bars felt easy and the taste that had been unfamiliar at first developed into a tasty snack. I never had hunger pangs, which meant that I didn’t feel I was having to sacrifice anything.

What was the best way for you to stay motivated?

My largest motivation was definitely my goal, my wedding. However, it was very motivating to see that the scales were showing a little less every day. I was getting up easier in the morning, with the anticipation that my scales would be motivating me again. My clothes became loose, until they were finally too big for me, a great feeling. When I collected my dress a week before the wedding, we discovered that it was too big. A great feeling. I had reached my goal. The professional tailors quickly sewed it tighter and it was ready to be collected a week later.

What did you acheive?

In the twoweeks in which I only ate vitelements, I lost 4kg. My skin profile also completely changed. The spots on my face disappeared and my skin has become smoother. The people around me already noticed that I had lost weight after the first week. I found it particularly great that only fat is broken down, not muscle. I was able to test this thanks to the body-fat scales at the firtness studio. The hard work at the fitness studio was finally paying off. As my weight had barely changed before beginning with vitelements, I was more than delighted with the 4 KG.
I hope my story will motivate other people. Among the people around me, I have already been able to persuade three more people to try the metabolic reset with the vital substance bar.

The Metabolic Treatment