Sports scientist Torben Kneisler on vitelements

As a sports scientist and personal trainer, Torben had already tried the entire range of bars available – but measurable success still failed to materialise. In vitelements, he found a vital-substance bar which helped him to reduce his body fat even further.

I first heard about vitelements from my girlfriend, Susie. She had tried them a few months earlier on the advice of a good friend of hers. The results and testimonials had really impressed me, and aroused my interest.
Hooked on the idea—though rather out of scepticism than anything else—I decided to test the bars for a week. And I really must note that as a sports scientist and personal trainer, my toenails start to curl at the mention of the word ‘fitness bar’. Be it as a dietary supplement, as a food replacement or as an energy booster for training, the entire available range of bars had already been through my body. Protein, wellness, paleo, low carb, zero and whatever-else bars. More muscle mass, less body fat, increased strength, more vitality and job performance? Wrong! In general, any measurable success failed to materialise. Every personal trainer worth their salt knows what to do: train regularly, eat a balanced, healthy diet and in moderation! That’s it!
What do the alleged miracle bars do differently?
Don’t worry, I won’t waffle on for pages about nutritional expertise even though my fingers itch to do it and the scientist in me is peeking through. I’ll be brief. Ultimately this bar has the optimal balanced compilation of all the nutrients, and that makes the subtle difference. The special manufacturing process—which is entirely without artificial additives, flavours and sweeteners—is yet another impressive element.

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and have a bar every 1 to 2 hours, the expected food cravings fail to appear despite the strong caloric deficit. As a food substitute, the whole experience is nevertheless quite sportsmanlike in that it requires a great deal of discipline. Everybody knows that stress and pressure at work are a fact of life – as is a dinner with friends. Everyone wants to behave in a socially acceptable manner, and will order more than just tap water at a restaurant. As a starting point, the manufacturer’s so-called ‘metabolic treatment course’ is otherwise a really great concept. And believe me, the hard journey is worth it in the end!

I actually lost 4 kg in this one week! I was really surprised – I did not expect this result! Afterwards, the products are particularly suitable for replacing one or two meals a day, or as a snack in between mealtimes. My girlfriend and I even took the bars with us on holiday after the seven-day treatment course! We managed to maintain our beach figures for the flight home!
Honestly, vitelements have become an integral part of my everyday life and I likewise recommend the bars to my clients.

The Metabolic Treatment