Susi’s seven-day metabolic treatment

Susi not only uses vitelements to stay in shape, but has also found a low-calorie defence in these bars against cravings for sweets.

“I wanted to get somewhat into shape before my 50th birthday without having to mortify myself.
I had already had experience with vitelements half a year before. I really like the taste of the bars – which is why they still remain my defence against sweet cravings at work in the editorial office.
I tested the bar treatment course as a substitute for meals, and that worked very well for me. Not only because I lost a lot of weight, but also because I started to drink a lot of water alongside the treatment, which is otherwise very difficult for me. I had the bars with me at all times – in the editorial office, on vacation, at weekends. Additionally, apart from the treatment, they also helped me with low blood sugar moments.
I’m not the ‘I have to be thin at all costs’ type of person, but I’m still vain enough to want to have a certain shape. And considering that ‘being in shape’ is not so easy after a certain age, I am more than happy to accept help – especially if this means zero inconvenience to my daily routine nor mortification of any kind.”

The Metabolic Treatment