Svenja‘s 7-day metabolism reset

After her trip to Aida, Svenja wanted to get rid of the extra “holiday-kilos” and get back to her ideal weight. With vitelements, she tried the 7-day metabolism reset and lost 4.5 kilos.

During a trip to Aida, I was told about the the vitelements bar by a fitness trainer. I was immediately sure – I had to buy them! And I was so excited to see whether they would really work.

I must add, in general terms I am not overweight or fat. Quite the opposite – rather slim, but after such a great holiday with very good food and delicious cocktails, I always pack on an extra kilo or so for the trip back. And I now have a definite comfortable weight, that I wanted to get back simply and quickly through the metabolic reset with the vitelements bars.
So, I was barely back home when I sat down, called up the internet page and rummaged around for a bit at first.

What I read was very convincing, but I went and read a few experience reports as well on the internet. I came to the conclusion that I had to try a metabolic reset myself. I ordered the smallest package with 49 bars and a dose of vanilla-flavoured proteins.

Admittedly it is not very cheap, but I am glad to pay a bit more for a good product that keeps its promises. So on with the order. Shipping and delivery went without a hitch. And then the package arrived, yippee. Admittedly, I had imagined the bars to be a little larger, I was afraid they wouldn’t be filling enough, but I was still full of anticipation. I indulged myself in a bar first – I wanted to know how they tasted. And in all honesty: really good. So I was ready to start.

I began my project and it was simpler than I though. I continued my sport program of 2-3 times a week completely normally, despite only eating bars. In the morning I mixed myself a shake with the vitelements vanilla proteins and water in the shaker. Then I would take it along with the first bar. For the rest of the day I then ate a bar whenever I felt hungry. The recommended number did me perfectly well, on some days I even had a bar or so left over. I will admit, however, that I sometimes had an appetite for something different. But I was able to keep on very well. And they were only short moments.

The fact that you already notice how much weight you are losing in the first days is motivation enough. Otherwise the week went fine and the result is fantastic! I really reached my goal, in only a week! 4.5 kg less, I don’t need to say anything else. Now I’m spending the summer of 2017 with my ideal figure. And I am also sure that I will order the vitelements again, as the next holiday is already booked! 😀 Any goal means standing firm and seeing it through. 🙂

The Metabolic Treatment