Frequently asked questions

Here you can find all frequently asked questions about vitelements, the metabolic treatment and more. You can’t find the right answer to your question? No problem! Just send us a message and ask us directly via the contact page.

  • You can pay your vitelements by PayPal, credit card, SOFORT transfer or advance payment. You can find details about the payment methods again here.

  • When you make an order, the shipment cost is due once and independently from the payment method, depending on the order quantity and delivery country. You can find details about the price graduations here.

  • We send your order with UPS. Shipment to a packing station is therefore unfortunately not possible.

  • The approx. 1 000 kcal are tailored individually to your metabolism. With the daily ration of vitelements, you consume 100% of your nutrient requirements, however, you keep a negative energy balance, which guarantees that you will lose weight.

  • By eating only 125 kcal each time, you remain below the sensory insulin threshold that makes the insulin levels “roller-coaster”. This means you avoid hunger pangs and it is possible to keep burning off fat.

  • By consuming 100% of all the essential nutrients, your body is not lacking in anything. The metabolism constantly remains at the same level and there is no yoyo effect.

  • In the weight regulation phase, you should stick to the rules and not consume any additional food, alcohol or sugary drinks.

  • The vitelements will keep for approx. 10 weeks. You will find more exact details printed on the packaging of each bar.

  • The bar contains nuts. However, no further counter indications are known.  Diabetics should consult with their doctor in any case before further medication.

  • Usually, you can count on losing up to 4 kg of weight in the first week.

  • Because products such as Cola Zero/Light contain chemically altered substances, they are not allowed. This sweet substance causes a ravenous appetite, especially when eating heartily.

  • With each bar, you should drink a glass of water (250 ml) and also take care to drink at least 2 litres a day.
    The following are allowed: Water; unsweetened herb and fruit tea, green tea; black tea and coffee up to three cups a day (all unsweetened and without milk).

  • Yes, one or two moderate training sessions per week are usually possible without any problems.

  • In case of questions, you can ask your onsite vicoach advisor at any time or simply contact the cardioscan team at .